Some poor artist trying to publish a photobook... sounds like a familiar tune. While the process feels trite, I have set up this page for any folks to make a small or goodly pledge towards the design process. 

PCT Photobook

Jack Durr

Currently Untitled

Hardcover bound coffee table book
~ 100 pages of photography, journal entries, quotations from novels/ philsophy/cinema.
Photography type: landscape; portraiture; abstract.

Current phase: design

Completion date: mid-2022

A strip of dirt from Mexico to Canada they call the Pacific Crest Trail. One disenfranchised law student with a tendency for walking closed the books and turned his mind Northward. Along the spine of the summer in 2019, I walked 2,600 odd miles (~4,200 kms) for no particular reason. This catalogue of work is a visual examination of the search for an authentic connection, an urge to touch reality not only with our fingertips, but to shake hands with it. 

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Sample Images