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QOTD: “Blah blah blah” by Greta Thunberg QOTD: “Blah blah blah” by Greta Thunberg 

8 October 2021

Too long, don’t read: I am quitting Instagram because it just doesn’t provide the goods anymore.
Ciao Bella, Instagram

Well. Thank Satan that’s over. I’ve been wanting to flip off social media for a while now. It’s taken a sprinkle of a minute to get into gear. But we made it. It feels like a sunshower. Or maybe even a facial.

If you are reading this, chances are you were funnelled from my now defunct @hikingrat IG account. I couldn’t figure out how to leave the account in tact whilst making sure I can never access it again... so it’s gone. Sorry.

Which means this wee grotto is the exclusive place on the net to see my work & hear me blabber. Some of it will be beautiful and sincere but I want it to be fun too. I might create a mailing list RatMailto keep you in the know. What I am excited about with this place is that it feels less bordered than IG. That place has great creatives on it, but the template for how users engage and express feels rigid. Who cares, this isn’t a manifesto for anti-social media. It just doesn’t fit well with me. I mourn all the hours wasted on that app, and yet I am grateful for what it gave. Real friendships, work, inspiration.upo. It would be an understatement to say that hearing these two gays chat utter nonsense opened entire worlds for me. Counter-culture queens at their core.  

“Real Luxury is Something Tiny.”

- Shayne Oliver

I want this place to be more deranged, borderless and collaborative, subversive. My brain is scattered across photography, art, comedy, walking, fashion, graphic design, cinema, philosophy and bike riding. In short, think of this as a gorgeous nasty melting pot of all that.

This site shouldn’t feel like a vacuum. Echo chambers suck. In the “routes” folder will be a great starting point to look outwards. I’ll throw in some all-time iconic ones initially, but it’d be great for you to upload your own (via me I guess until I can devise a way for you to do it directly?) . Think of it like a database for shitty hiking trails and sub-par biking routes. If it’s popular it should probs live on or somewhere like that. This is for weirdos only.

My phone number is +61 4 777 698 12 if you want to keep in touch.

Okay that’s all for now.

J x

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